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MuAsia Season 15

Quality low latency gaming for ASIA reagion are finally here!

Free to play server for EVERYONE

No IP region blocks, everyone are welcome at MuAsia Singapore location!

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Siege owner: Neighbor
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Siege owner: siege10

Usefull Guides

Project Opening

Project will be opened 19.June 2020...

Beginning of game, Claim Gifts

Server offers free gifts for starters, when in game type: /luckyme for lucky set tickts and more...

PVP System

All MuAsia servers are PVP servers with few exclusive maps. Player Kill status can be cleared in game with /pkclear, 2minutes after kill and 1. time every 60minutes to reduce abusive hit and run tactics...

Share Event

After reaching 1000 shares on our FB video advertisment Free Gift Code for 3rd wings will be added for everyone!