Welcome to Mu Online Singapore Season 18
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Mu Online Singapore

Season 18Part2 Gaming World

Server Opening

Server will be opened on 10.December


Server location Singapore, but is available for everyone

MuOnline.sg Is a Mu Online Private server

Lots of great custom game addons to make game more exciting

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Mu Online Singapore Season 18 Opening in 10.December
NORESET Project 858
X9999 3.FEBRUARY 0
Castle Siege Owner No Owner
Daily Devias Castle Event No Owner

Found Drops

Death Spirit (Trainee Soldier)
Sword of Destruction
Dark Breaker
Sword Dancer
Rune Blade
Holy Storm Claws
Elemental Mace
Great Scepter
Lord Scepter
Shining Scepter
Dragon Spear
Pluma Lance
Vis Lance
Saint Crossbow
Celestial Bow
Great Reign Crossbow
Albatross Bow
Frere Magic Gun
Staff of Destruction
Dragon Soul Staff
Platina Staff
Demonic Stick
Black Dragon Helm
Dark Phoenix Helm
Holy Spirit Helm
Great Dragon Helm
Dark Soul Helm
Red Spirit Helm
Dark Steel Mask
Dark Master Mask
Glorious Mask
Piercing Groove Helm
Hirat Helmet
Sate Helmet
Nightwing Helm
Frere Helmet
Black Dragon Armor
Dark Phoenix Armor
Grand Soul Armor
Holy Spirit Armor
Thunder Hawk Armor
Red Spirit Armor
Dark Steel Armor
Dark Master Armor
Demonic Armor
Storm Jahad Armor
Piercing Groove Armor
Hirat Armor
Sate Armor
Kanaz Armor
Frere Armor
Black Dragon Pants
Dark Phoenix Pants
Grand Soul Pants
Holy Spirit Pants
Thunder Hawk Pants
Great Dragon Pants
Dark Soul Pants
Red Spirit Pants
Dark Steel Pants
Dark Master Pants
Valiant Pants
Glorious Pants
Demonic Pants
Piercing Groove Pants
Hirat Pants
Sate Pants
Kanaz Pants
Night Wing Pants
Frere Pants
Dark Phoenix Gloves
Thunder Hawk Gloves
Great Dragon Gloves
Dark Soul Gloves
Hurricane Gloves
Red Spirit Gloves
Dark Master Gloves
Valiant Gloves
Glorious Gloves
Nightwing Gloves
Frere Gloves
Dark Phoenix Boots
Thunder Hawk Boots
Great Dragon Boots
Dark Soul Boots
Hurricane Boots
Red Spirit Boots
Dark Steel Boots
Dark Master Boots
Valiant Boots
Glorious Boots
Piercing Groove Boots
Hirat Boots
Sate Boots
Night Wing Boots
Frere Boots
Innovation Parchment
Soram (Trainee Soldier)