Welcome to Mu Online Singapore Season 18
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Mu Online Singapore

Season 18Part2 Gaming World

Server Opening

Server will be opened on 10.December


Server location Singapore, but is available for everyone

MuOnline.sg Is a Mu Online Private server

Lots of great custom game addons to make game more exciting

More info
Mu Online Singapore Season 18 Opening in 10.December
Castle Siege Owner Array
Daily Devias Castle Event ROSWELL

Game Commands

PostCMD                        = /post
GlobalPostCMD to post on all servers               = /gpost

Allows to add multiple strength points by player, usage: /addstr
AddSTRCMD                    = /addstr

Allows to add multiple agility points by player, usage: /addagi
AddAGICMD                    = /addagi

Allows to add multiple vitality points by player, usage: /addvit
AddVITCMD                    = /addvit

Allows to add multiple energy points by player, usage: /addene
AddENECMD                    = /addene

Allows to add multiple command points by player, usage: /addcmd
AddCMDCMD                    = /addcmd

Allows to player to clear PK status 2kk* Kill
usage: /pkclear
PKClearCMD                    = /pkclear

Allows to propose a marry to other player, for more options refer to commonserver.cfg
usage: /prop
MarryProposeCMD                = /prop

Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command, usage: /accept
MarryAcceptCMD                = /accept

Teleports yourself to your marriage partner, usage: /teleport
MarryTeleportCMD            = /teleport

Allows to take divorce, usage: /divorce
MarryDivorceCMD                = /divorce

Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default, usage: /requests
SetRequest                    = /requests

Allows to clear inventory from all items, keep equipped items, inventory, money and ruud
usage: /clearitems
ClearBagCMD                    = /clearitems

Allows to clear All ITEMS on charcter, equpied and inventories, zen and ruud from character
usage: /clearinv
ClearInvCMD                    = /deleteall

Allows to clear event inventory from all items

usage: /cleareventinv
ClearEventInvCMD            = /cleareventinv                       

Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store firs, usage: /offtrade in devias only
OffTradeCMD                    = /offtrade

Decrease strenght command = /decstr
Decrease agility command = /decagi
Decrease vitality command = /decvit
Decrease energy command = /decene
Decrease command command = /deccmd
Example: /decstr 111

Open Potion Shop from anywhere in game command: /huntshop
Open Warehouse from anywhere in game, command: /huntware

Published by Admin 30/07/2019