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Mu Online Singapore

Season 18Part2 Gaming World

Server Opening

Server will be opened on 10.December


Server location Singapore, but is available for everyone

MuOnline.sg Is a Mu Online Private server

Lots of great custom game addons to make game more exciting

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Mu Online Singapore Season 18 Opening in 10.December
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Daily Devias Castle Event ROSWELL

Mu Online Singapore Season 18 Project Opening at 10.December

Mu Online Singapore Season 18 Part 1 gaming project! This is private mu online server with the style of gameplay of the official server but with tons of customization to make the game more interesting and exciting! The server is located in Singapore but is available to play for everyone! The opening will be held at 10. December 18.00 Singapore local time! The server is built for longterm mu online entertainment!

Are you excited about the MU Online Singapore?

Server info:
Version: Mu Online Season 18 Part 1-2
Experience: Regular x10, Master, x15, Majestic: x20
Maximum character level: 1450:  400 Regular, 400 Master, 650 Majestic

Custom features:

Monster Spots: All maps has few positions in a game where monsters constantly spawn with few second delay, those places: spots are marked on Mini Map, in game press TAB to see spot location! Each spot has 4 Monsters, with small 2x and wide 5x respawns. Respawn on regular maps are 7 seconds.

Looting: Collect Medals, Silver medal, drops regular items 6-10 level. Gold medal, drops excellent items 7-11 level. Medals drops all maps till majestic level!

Selling: All items sold in the personal store is sold for Wcoins. Shops can be opened on all regular maps

Messaging /post to post on all subservers
Add remove stats in game to make perfect build (/decstr /decagi /decvit /decene /deccom)
Press TAB to see spots on minimap (in spots are 4 monsters)
Combo for all characters


Published by Salvis 20/04/2022